Can you tell fact from fiction?

Every day in Canada, children are abused or neglected in their homes. Still, many kids are confused about what family abuse actually is.

Myth: I come from a good family – abuse couldn’t happen to me.
Fact: Family violence happens in all kinds of families, neighborhoods, and communities around the world.

The-Truth-About-Family-Abuse2 Myth: I can behave really badly sometimes. If my parents abuse me, it’s my fault.
Fact: NO ONE deserves to be abused – no matter what they’ve done.

Myth: My mom hits me, but I know she loves me and just does it because she cares.
Fact: Abuse and neglect aren’t about love. Love shouldn’t hurt.

Myth: It’s up to my parents if they want to hit me.
Fact: Just because your parents think it’s right to hit you doesn’t make it true. Abuse and neglect are illegal.

Myth: If my dad yells at me and calls me names, it’s not abuse.
Fact: Abuse isn’t just about being physically hurt. Emotional abuse and neglect are also wrong, and against the law.

Myth: My parents have to hurt me to make me behave.
Fact: Abuse doesn’t make kids behave better. Indeed, kids who are abused are often scared and angry, which can make behavior problems worse.