Cancellation Policies & Procedures

SOS Safety Magazine publishes and distributes our publications free of charge across Canada, processing a large number of customer transactions. The following provides important information concerning any request to cancel, substitute, or request a refund of fees for advertising or speaking engagements.


Any cancellation request by a customer must be received by telephone or in writing via email to the SOS Safety Magazine Client Care Department.

For advertising purchased, a request for cancellation will be accepted three business days (72 hours) after the respective Online, Print or Digital magazine publication and speaking engagement invoice date. The SOS Safety Magazine must make commitments to suppliers at that time and making changes will result in additional labor, costs or penalties. For example, if an Online ad, Print or Digital magazine ad is purchased on Friday, your cancellation request must be received by the Tuesday, if the cancellation request is received after the deadline, we cannot void or cancel the invoice.

In the event that a cancellation request has been received after the three business days (72 Hours) has passed, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the invoice will be charged to the customer to cover any costs including labor and penalties incurred by SOS Safety Magazine.

For speaking engagements, cancellations must be received no more than three business days (72 Hours) from the invoice date. If the cancellation request is received after the 72-hour deadline a 50% cancellation fee will be charged to the customer for any commitments or costs incurred by SOS Safety Magazine, otherwise the customer will be responsible for the full balance of the invoice.

General Terms

All sales are FINAL. In the event a cancellation request is made prior the work order being processed by our Design Team and the three business days has not yet passed, the cancellation request will be processed. Otherwise, the customer will be subject to the terms described under the “Cancellations” section included in this document.

If you require further clarification or assistance, please contact our Client Care Department Toll Free at 1.866.456.6515 Ext.333 or email

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