As like the famous orange tabby cat Garfield, we have all had our share of the Monday blues. Week after week many youth and adults find themselves waking up to the alarm buzzing reminder of a new day. For many, this daily reminder becomes so repetitive it is almost unbearable.  The pressure to continue the routine is so ingrained in our society that breaking free is often discouraged and considered anti-social.

You might hear your child express that they feel anxious or sick to their stomach as you try to get them out the door to head to school. Even you may lay in bed a little longer than usual, fighting the urge to hide under the blankets to avoid going to that job you despise. Many people continue this cycle every day and refuse to acknowledge that there may be another option – and that does not necessarily mean quitting your job or dropping out of school.

What if the Monday blues were actually signalling us to realign with that which is much more enjoyable in life?

 Instead of getting caught up in the dread, here are some ways to spark that joy in your life (once again):

  • The first step in navigating the Monday blues is to acknowledge what you are feeling.  Often times these feelings show up in body sensations such as upset stomach, nausea, or headaches.  Other times they manifest into emotions such as anxiety or straight-out dread or depression.

Check-in with yourself and as a family about how you are feeling. What emotions, sensations or thoughts are showing up? Be willing to talk about it in a non-judgemental way as this will normalize the experience for all. All that needs to happen here is see what wants to be seen. It is from this awareness that transformation can take place.

  • Next is the willingness to evaluate if something needs to be let go of in your life. Perhaps you are carrying too much responsibility at work or school. If you are signed up for too many activities and trying to show up for everyone, you are most likely not showing up for yourself. It is completely acceptable to let go and redirect your focus on what is really important to you.

If you are not sure if there is something that needs to be released, the invitation here is to enter into a relaxed state by taking a few deep breaths and then ask yourself “What wants to be released that would bring more ease and joy into my life?”  The answer will show up in a still, quiet inner voice.

  • Lastly is the fun part: allow more pleasure and joy into your life.  This involves simply reflecting back on what it is you enjoy doing in life. What hobbies did you take part in in the past? Be willing to consider new options too. What new activities have you been curious about trying? Travelling and finding new hobbies to explore either on your own or as a family can bring about new experiences. 

If you are working someplace you hate, maybe it is time to consider searching for a new job.  This type of switch may be more challenging for students as school is important and can add a lot of value to future opportunities (so dropping out may not be the ideal option).  In that case, finding new ways to learn and making school life more interesting can be a great way to bridge into happy Mondays.  Speaking with a trusted adult or caregiver about options to bring more joy into your life can be a great start.

Remember you deserve to live a life of joy and positive experiences. You deserve to want to hop out of bed every day of the week. It is possible to bring this level of happiness into your life – it starts with YOU!  And if the thought of getting out of a funk seems impossible, perhaps it is time to speak with a mental health professional or someone you trust, to think of other options to support you. 

Written by Fola Veritas with Deep Mind Squared