Quit Smoking for Your Family.

Take a minute to think about all those great things you do for your family. Most likely everything from earning money and making meals to making sure they get to that soccer practice on time. Whether its big or little things, you always manage to get it done. But the truth is if you keep smoking, you have a high chance of not being there when they need you the most.

Every year over 400,000 people die from a smoking-related disease. They die from lung cancer as well as other diseases like heart diseases too. Not all smokers that die are old. Many smokers die when they are middle-aged and never get a chance to see their kids grow up or see their grandchildren. Is it worth it?

Your Kids Are Reason Enough To Quit Smoking.

Do you really want them to start smoking?

They probably will, just because they’ve seen you do it for such along time. But if you tough it out and quit, they’ll get the message that smoking really isn’t cool.

Here’s something else to think about the next time you light up near your kids: what do you think happens when they breathe in your smoke and chemicals all day? Your cigarettes are loaded with 43 chemicals that cause cancer. There’s something to think about. Kids who live with smokers get more colds than other kids. They also have more ear infections, allergies, and diseases like bronchitis and Pneumonia.

Quit Smoking for Yourself.

Maybe you don’t know all of the great things that happen when you do decide to finally stop smoking. Some happen immediately and some happen slowly. The temperature of your hands and feet goes back to normal. So does the level of oxygen in your blood. You will also be able to taste and smell your food better, the loud cough you have will go away and your lungs will begin to repair themselves. Oh yeah, you won’t smell like an ashtray anymore either.

So, which is more important to you? Smoking? Or your family, your kids, and your health?

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If you are a teen, you may find that you are being peer pressured to start smoking, know that you are strong enough to say no and make your health #1 priority. If you are a parent, there support on what to do if your teen is being pressured to start smoking.