monitor your children's social media

5 tips to parents to help educate kids about their social media habits.

A study from McAfee revealed that cyberbullying has tripled this year. View the cyberbullying statistics about youth privacy behaviours and cyberbullying.

Top Tips to Keep your Kids Safe from Cyber Bullying

  •  Connect with your kids. Casually talk to them about the risks of all online connections and make sure the communication lines are open.
  • Gain access. Parents should have passwords for their children’s social media accounts and passcodes to their children’s devices to have full access at any given moment.
  • Learn their technology. Stay one step ahead and take the time to research the various devices your kids use. You want to know more about their devices than they do.
  •  Get social. Stay knowledgeable about the newest and latest social networks. You don’t have to create an account but it is important to understand how they work and if your kids are on them.
  • Reputation management. Make sure your kids are aware anything they post online does not have an expiration date.

Social Media – How to Teach Responsibility to Kids

Watch this informative video on how to teach your children about social media. A must watch for every parent wanting to keep their children safe.

[youtube id=”EkU01bIxq90″ width=”100%” height=”350″]

Study reveals cyberbullying has tripled in 2014, view the 2014 cyberbullying statistics here.


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