Social Anxiety

Do you regularly break out in a cold sweat in social situations? Do you tend to avoid interactions all together? Living with social anxiety can feel like you are walking a tightrope, and you are embarrassed that people can see you doing it. You are not alone.

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Here are common experiences for people who are empaths, are highly sensitive, or who experience social anxiety.

1) You Want To Be Alone But Can’t Explain Why

Others might be pressuring you to partake in social activities, but sometimes, you just want to be alone. And, when they eventually stop asking you to join in, you may start to believe you are not liked. You prefer your isolation because it masks your social anxiety. You hope people will just think you are a busy individual.

2) You Are Quiet On Dates

And, your date assumes you are not interested so you rarely get asked out again. You start to think that you will never have a romantic relationship and cannot bring yourself to talk about your anxiety despite badly wanting a relationship. There are helpful medications available if you find the right doctor. You just have to be brave and seek help.

3) You Grind Your Teeth

You also clench your jaw and engage in bruxism. Most of the time, this is a totally unconscious behaviour. Even though you know it isn’t healthy, you cannot stop. Plus, you are sure others see you doing it and think you have issues. You’re not alone. These days, there are products available to help you.

4) You’re Forced to Go to Parties

As someone who is highly sensitive and aware of the feelings of others, you are sure that everyone is evaluating or judging you, and you either find a quiet corner to sit in or excuse yourself to leave early. You can’t find the words to strike up a conversation with new people. And, when they put forth the effort, you can only come up with short answers. When they move on, you feel shunned.

5) You Often Have Panic Attacks

Panic attacks cause you to seek medical help and immobilize you, but the real problem is your anxiety. You are convinced there is something wrong with you physically, but there rarely is. A skilled health care provider will recognize your dilemma and suggest a therapist or counselor who can help. This is not an affront. They want to assist you.

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6) Drive-thru or Takeout Are Preferable to Eating in a Restaurant

You either eat the food in your car in the parking lot or take your food home. You just don’t want to be around all that noise and those people. You can’t bring yourself to initiate a social conversation, and you envy those who are able to interact with others or even with complete strangers.

7) Pleasure Travel Is Rare Unless It’s With Close Friends or Family

You are able to let loose and really enjoy these experiences, until strangers insert themselves on the beach, at the pool, in hotels, or any other time. This causes you to turn inward, and you can no longer enjoy your friends’ company. You will avoid vacations that involve situations where you are thrown in with others, such as tours and cruises.

8) You Have a Cat, Dog, or Other Pet

You feel safe cuddling the animal, caring for it, having an emotional attachment, and talking to it. It is much more difficult doing any of these things with other humans.

9) When Your Phone Rings at Weird Times, You Panic

Or, if you are still in your pajamas and there is a knock at your door, you are also set off. You plummet into a tailspin since you are sure you are being judged for being lazy or for the way you look.

10) You Are Too Concerned About Your Appearance

You are certain everyone is evaluating you on your complexion, clothing, and hair. In reality, they have their own priorities and issues, and they are not thinking about your looks. You may even realize your thinking is irrational, but it’s still hard to accept.

Article provided by Jackie Edwards