We are in the midst of the digital age. Our children are the first generation to be fully immersed in technology – which means parents may not have comfortable resources with HOW to deal with social networking, computer use, etc. We are no longer able to go to our parents to ask how to deal with our children – simply because there are very little similarities anymore.

Technology can be a scary road to navigate. With potential predators, constant access and dissociation to life, there’s no doubt that parents are concerned about what the digital age means for their children.

Despite all of that, technology has actually proved to be helpful in many ways. App developers have made an on-slaught of user-friendly applications that will help you parent your children even better.

We’ve put together 11 must-have apps every parent should download right away.

iEmergency ICE Family Pro

Last face it: you can’t keep an eye on your children ALL of the time. Your child may break a bone at their sports activities. ICE is the best way to supply the hospital information on your children’s medical needs and you, their In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact.

In the event that anything ever happens to your child without you present, the hospital staff will have a way to reach you.


These apps are both chore-incentive programs. As a parent, you can upload their chores onto the app. Your child can then view their chores, and acknowledge when they’ve completed a chore. Both of these apps work on point systems. ChoreMonster will allow your child to “purchase” an award after they have built up enough points for the item they want. BusyKid users can put their points into investments, donations or savings.


Bark monitors texts, emails and social networking on your child’s phone. We are all for trust, communication, privacy and respect in ALL relationships in your lives: referring to the relationship you have with your child. Which is exactly why we love Bark! Bark will actually find keywords (relating to sexting, cyberbullying, depression and suicide) that your child is sent/types and will NOTIFY you. Bark has saved multiple suicidal children by notifying their parents when to get help.

Bark allows your child to still have their privacy, as you don’t have to monitor all communications.


Being a parent is TOUGH. Whether you’re a new mom experiencing Post-Partum depression, or you’re a parent to a teenager that is difficult and snarky, Mom-ming can test your limits.

TalkSpace will connect you with a therapist whenever you are struggling. Sit back in the privacy of your own home and talk to somebody about the way that you are feeling.

You’re never too busy for mental health.

FBI Child ID

As much as it is painful to talk about, tragedies DO happen. Children, unfortunately, go missing more often than we would like to admit. On FBI Child ID, you can upload all current information about your child. Their weight, height, eye colour, hair colour, photos, etc. All appearance questions that the police would ask.

In the event that your child ever went missing, it would be extremely overwhelming. This way, the police would have all of the information compiled in one place.


If you have a teen that’s set to go off to college, this app is for you! You can search for different Scholarships and keep track of what has been applied too.


Once again, we value your child’s privacy. However, Footprints is a good app in case of an emergency. If you can’t get ahold of your child, you can track them this way.


Does your son’s algebra homework stump you more than you would like to admit? Photomath is the perfect app. Just snap a picture and it will give you steps on how to solve an equation. It even has the ability to read handwriting!

Side note: don’t tell your children about this one. Keep wearing your Supermom cape.


Access TONS of recipes on Yummly. Save the ones that you want to make for your family. Bonus: Yummly will compile a grocery list from the recipes you saved!

(Now only if someone would do the grocery shopping for us).

Cloud Baby Monitor

Are you a new mom? Cloud Baby Monitor allows you to have a baby monitor right on your phone.

Cozi Family Organizer

It’s tough to keep track of all assignments, appointments, tournaments, deadlines, and more. Especially if you have a big family!

On Cozi, your whole family can enter their upcoming events. It will all sync between everyone if your fam’. You can even add notes to To-Do Lists or Grocery Lists.


And there you have it – 11 apps that every parent needs in their life!

We know that life as a mom or dad can get overwhelming, but there are resources that’ll make it a little easier. Especially the ones that can aid in your child’s’ safety.

Thank you for raising the children that will run the world tomorrow!

Written by Celina Dawdy