According to CMHA, 1 in 5 people in Canada will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. Mental health poses a risk to everyone – regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or income.

Navigating a mental illness can be painful, trying and stressful. So we have brainstormed a list of (easy!) tips that can help you improve your mental health.


You can try meditating for even 1 minute in the morning! Use an app to guide you if you have a difficult time focusing.

Try new foods

Get excited about new experiences! Go to a new restaurant or order new takeout.

Start a calendar

Pin a calendar to your wall and fill in your important dates on it! Jot down upcoming appointments, plans, etc.

Re-organize your bedroom

It feels good to have your room moved around! Do a good clean and then relax while you appreciate all of your hard work.


… and then volunteer some more. Feel good about doing your part in the world!

Spend time with animals

Do you have a furry friend? Either play with your cat or dog or go to a local shelter and just hang out with the animals! There is something reassuring about their personalities.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Any type of sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your mental health. Get 8 hours of sleep a night – you’ll have more energy, better focus, and better mental health.

Drink more water

By drinking enough water, our brain can think more clearly! Most doctors recommend eight 8-ounce glasses (approximately 2 litres).


Get your body moving! Whether you prefer to lift weights, do yoga, dance or go for a run – just get your body moving!

Enjoy a bit of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate does good things (for your taste buds and mental health)! It helps release serotonin – which means it makes you happy. If you’re feeling down, try having a bite or two of dark chocolate every few days.

Pop of colour!

Wear colour. Put a colourful painting up on your walls. Add a pop of colour to your life that will make you smile!

Adult colouring books

Speaking of colour, adult colouring books are a perfect way to quiet your mind and get lost in something that makes you feel carefree.


Journaling is a great way to write your thoughts down on paper. Buy a journal that speaks to you and start writing.

Put your phone away

Sometimes we just need to unplug. Put your phone down and enjoy the quiet. If you find yourself constantly scrolling through Instagram comparing yourself to models, then it might be time to delete the apps that have a negative effect on your mental wellbeing.


The bookstore is your oyster! Get a self-help book, or a mystery – whatever piques your interest (or one of each). Consider reading before bed. Put your phone down and read before you drift off to sleep.

Take a bath

Listen to your favourite artist. Unplug. Light a candle and relax!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3’s are great for brain health. Always consult a physician before adding a supplement into your diet – but omega 3 is always one to consider.

Go for a walk

Get outside! Look at the colours of the leaves, grass, etc. Listen to the laughter of the children. Get lost in the moment.

Set personal goals

Start with small, achievable goals and celebrate when you achieve them!

Watch a comedy

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Put on a comedy with your favourite actor and enjoy a good belly laugh.


You don’t have to go far! Go for a car ride where you can listen to your favourite throwback tunes or go to the nearest ocean! Book a trip and shake up your surroundings.

Talk to somebody

Being able to communicate about your feelings is a huge factor in mental wellness. Whether you decide to see a psychologist or have a trusted friend, take the time to verbalize how you’re feeling.

We’ve all learned first-hand how tough life can be. By immersing yourself in the little moments and enjoying the little gifts life has to offer, it can be more bearable.

Stay healthy and stay happy!

Written by Celina Dawdy