Raising a mentally strong kid

Too often today, kids run into a roadblock and give up. Like any good parent, you want a child that can tackle that roadblock and overcome it. You can help raise your kid to do just that, be resilient when they run into a challenge, hardship, or a setback.

While we understand that you’re busy with running them from school, getting dinner made and then off to hockey practice, we’ve come up with five solid tips to help you raise your child to be mentally strong!

1: Teach them to think sensibly

Your thoughts have a significant impact on the way you feel or behave; it only makes sense to teach them to respond towards negative thoughts.

Teach them to not be self-destructive in the way that they handle themselves when feeling out and thinking about their thoughts. Don’t teach them that everything will be okay. That’s not going to have a positive impact if it doesn’t turn out fine. If they say, “I’ll never be able to hit a home run,” teach them to reframe the way they are thinking about it – “If I practice hard enough, I’ll learn to hit the ball differently.”

2: Let them make mistakes

It’s all part of the learning process. Teach them not to feel ashamed or embarrassed for not doing something right. Let things play out and then have a chat with your child about how to avoid making the same mistake next time.

3. Teach them to be thankful

Does your child seem to have self-pity and be down when they need to be mentally strong? Teach them to be grateful for everything. Gratitude is an excellent remedy for self-pity!

4. Teach Personal Responsibility

Do they accept personal responsibility? By explaining to your child to not make excuses, they can make explanations. Correct them if they try to throw the blame somewhere else.

5. Role model mental strength

Show your child that you are mentally strong as well. Like they say, monkey see monkey do! Talk to them about your goals and how your mental strength is helping you grow stronger!