Pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes, and in most cases, are the people you would least expect. In fact, a staggering amount of pedophiles know and are known by their victims. In an article by Dr. Phil, he states that an estimated “ninety percent of child molesters know their victims.” He continues his article by outlining 5 ways in which a pedophile grooms their victim.

1. They identify a victim.

Pedophiles have different preferences when it comes to how old the victim is, how they look, or their gender. However, all pedophiles will look for a victim that is vulnerable in some way.

2. They collect information.

Once a victim is chosen, a pedophile will do everything to learn all they can about the victim. Often, this is done through conversations had casually with the child’s parents, caretaker, or the child themselves.

3. They fill a need.

When the pedophile has the information they require, they will begin to involve themselves in the child’s life by filling a need. For example, a pedophile might give a poor child expensive gifts or for a lonely child, they will become their friend.

4. They will lower the victim’s inhibitions.

Once the pedophile has gained the victims’ trust, they will begin to lower their inhibitions toward sexual matters. They might invent games that require undressing, make sexual comments, or show the child images of a pornographic nature.

5. They will abuse their victims.

When things have progressed this far, the pedophile will begin to sexually abuse their victim.

Many pedophiles prey on families that are distressed, in poverty, single parent families, or families where the situation causes kids to be somewhat neglected. They act as a friend, someone who is there to help and ‘save’ the child.

When an adult in your child’s life seems to be too helpful, too giving, too kind or available take the time to check them out. Pay attention and be aware if there is someone out there who knows too much about what your child is into.

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