The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately still an ongoing presence around the world, and many are continuing to stay home to help stop the spread and lower the case numbers in their area.

Staying home for long periods of time and avoiding in-person social interactions can be difficult for anyone regardless of personality type, but especially for those who already struggle with their mental health. People who suffer from anxiety and depression may find that the longer they are away from their regular routines, the more anxious they may become.

If you are struggling during this time, here are five simple things you can do to ease your anxiety while at home:

  1. Connect with others online or over the phone

    It can be difficult to maintain social connections when we can’t physically hang out with friends or family, but luckily there are many other ways to stay connected using technology. Make time to reach out to the people you’re closest to, such as friends, loved ones, or co workers. Whether you connect over a phone call or a video chat, talking with someone can help lift your mood and bring that social connection back into your life while at home.

  2. Engage with your favourite form of media

    Watching your favourite TV show or playing your favourite video games are not only great ways to pass the time, but they can bring much needed joy into your life when you can be out and about as often. If you know that certain shows or movies make you feel positive and happy, gravitate towards those options.

  3. Take time to exercise!

    This might sound cliche, but getting up and moving your body at least once a day is great for both your mental and physical health. If you don’t have much room in your home for activity, try going for a brisk walk, a run, or even into your backyard (or balcony) for some fresh air. Your body and mind will thank you! If you choose to meet up with someone to work out, it’s easiest to physically distance while outdoors. Meet them out at a large, open park or a running trail where you can have fun while keeping your distance.

  4. Develop a hobby

    Hobbies are great to keep us occupied and to keep our brains working. Whether you take up cooking, drawing, learning a new instrument, or something else entirely, a hobby can be the perfect way to calm your mind and focus on something else. You can even get creative by video chatting with friends or family who can join you in the activity you are working on!

  5. Set a routine

    While it can seem odd to set a routine when you aren’t going into work everyday, it can really bring positive structure into your day to day home life. When there isn’t a routine being followed, it can become all to easy to oversleep, stay up way too late, eat at unusual times of the day, and get behind on work or projects. Work on developing some sort of routine while at home, even if that just means setting your alarm for the same time each day and getting dressed before you embark on your activities.

These are just a handful of ways you can ease your anxiety, but you should only do what works best for you! We are all in this together. If you need support for your anxiety or depression, reach out to a professional or a friend or family member. Letting someone know what you are going through can be a great step to getting the support you need.

By Heather Gunn