Filter out Online Negativity

Every time you open social media the negativity is there. Hateful posts fill your newsfeed and trolls live in the comments section. It’s exhausting, and frankly not worth the effort. This year, take the time to detox your media accounts and have a happier, healthier experience online!

Here are five small steps you can take to filter the negativity from your feed:

1: Hit Unfollow

One way to start the school year off with a positive mindset is to take this simple step to remove the negativity from your life. Hit unfollow. Any organisation, person, group, or page that annoys you, frustrates you or makes you upset. Unfollow them. Let them go, and don’t feel guilty. It doesn’t make you a bad person, or even a rude one. It just means you are moving towards a happier and healthier you. And that’s a good thing.

2: Unfriend the whiners

We all have that one friend online who uses social media platforms to broadcast their disappointment with life. Their updates continually consist of “poor me” and “I’m outraged! Hear me rant”. They always seem to have something negative to say, and someone to blame for their problems. You don’t need those people clogging up your newsfeed. If someone doesn’t inspire, uplift and encourage you, you don’t need to be their friend. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with people who pull you down – online and in real life.

3: Flag the garbage

Some people use the internet as their dumping ground, and the posts they write are pure garbage. When you stumble across these posts, instead of quickly scrolling past so you don’t have to look at it anymore, flag them! Most often, social media sites have a button for you to flag or report inappropriate content — use it. Don’t feel like a tattle tale, instead feel like a garbage man. You’re helping clean up the internet and make it a nicer place for everyone.

4: Speak up

One way to counter online negativity is to be able to speak up about it. Not in a way that adds fuel to the fire, but in a way that calmly articulates what it is that bothers you. If someone you know posts something online that bothers you, say something. You can message them privately to avoid stirring up more trouble, but don’t be afraid to stand up. Be open about what bothers you and be an advocate for change. Your influence can shift what shows up on your timeline for the better.

5: Positivity starts with you

When you choose to focus on the good, you create positivity. Choose to seek out uplifting posts that encourage you and make you happy. You get to choose what you post about, so post about things that make you happy. Post about things that encourage and inspire others. Be a bright light on social media. Strive to be a beacon of positivity for yourself, and for those people whose feeds you show up on.

With these steps, you can start the school year off with a clear head and a positive mindset, and these will make all the difference.