Do you have somebody living in your mind?

I mean that awful roommate that chatters to you all day long. The little voice that tells you that you didn’t do enough, or that people don’t like you, or that you aren’t good enough?

A common symptom in those who suffer from anxiety is constant brain chatter. You’ll have the little devil on your shoulder tell you a thousand negative things. Buddha referred to this brain chatter as being made up of many drunk monkeys – all competing for attention, and none of them not necessarily making any sense.

These little voices may drive you to the breaking point, trigger an anxiety attack, and usually, don’t even have any merit at all.

So how do you overcome these drunk little monkeys? Especially when everybody is telling you to “meditate” it away… and we all know how difficult that can be.

Here are six simple (yet incredibly powerful and effective) ways to quiet the mind and take control of those drunk little monkeys for good:


Pay attention to your breath – and I mean REALLY focus on it. Watch your chest rise and collapse, feel your lungs fill and empty, and notice the air as it escapes from your nose. Ultimately, distract yourself with something that is always available to you: your breath.

Pump It Up!

Do you have a favourite song?

One that you can FEEL. Play it. Let the song take you to wherever it wants too. Maybe you’ll find yourself daydreaming, or perhaps (ideally), you’ll find yourself getting lost in the melody.

Sing the lyrics either out loud or in your head to counteract the mind chatter.

Use a Calming Mantra

Okay, so maybe the person that told you to meditate also suggested this, but it works (and it’s not as hard as meditation can be at first). Repeat something to yourself. Try: “There is no other place I should be. There is nothing else I should be doing.”

Or, try something as simple as: “Life is good, and everything is okay.”

Find something that resonates with you, reassures you and calms you.

Tune In To Your Surroundings

Be in the moment! Look around! Are you taking a walk? Pay attention to the colours, sights, smells. Immerse yourself in the moment. Appreciate where you are.

Write It Down

Are you one of those Type A people?

You know, the person that focuses better when you have everything jotted down for you to read? If so, this tip may be for you.

Write it down. Write down everything you’re thinking about, stressed about, and anxious is about. Putting this down on paper may help to clear your mind enough to give you some peace.

Know That Your Mind Is The Bad Roommate

It’s not always your friend, but it lives with you.

Sometimes it’ll challenge you, upset you, or chatter at you. Set boundaries with the lousy Roommate. Don’t allow the Roommate into your personal space unless she/he is positive. Acknowledge the potential as your Roommate to be a GREAT friend, but today, he/she not.

Set the boundaries to set a better tone for the relationship.

The biggest challenge and most rewarding accomplishment will be overcoming the limits you set on yourself. Once you learn to quiet the monkeys, you’ll have more room to heal, grow, and expand. You might even find that your mental health takes a turn for the better!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed… or in your head.

Written by Celina Dawdy