A very sad story out of Nova Scotia this week…

A 6-year-old girl attempted to end her life as a result of being bullied. Fortunately, the girl is alive and physically well, but her mental health is another story…


It all began with bullying

According to the girl’s mother, other children that the girl had been playing with had “pulled her hair, pulled her pants down, they drug her across the rocks, they punched and kicked her…” This was not the first time that the girl has attempted suicide. The mother was caught by surprise, as the girl appeared to be happy on the outside – going to school and playing with friends. She had no idea that her daughter was experiencing these feelings.

“Kids at school bully me and I just want to kill myself… Heaven is a happier place because there’s no bullies.”

While the girl is doing well now, she is continuing to see mental health professionals. Her mother will be calling the school to address the ongoing bullying that is likely impacting more children than her daughter alone.

Psychologist and associate professor of health promotion at Dalhousie Univesity, Lynne Robinson, says that young children might not necessarily know what suicide means. They do, however, have an understanding of what death is. Lynne continues, “About 17% of children between about 6 and 12 actually have suicidal thoughts and thoughts of death, which is kind of astounding when you think about it.”

Not to be taken lightly

If you are experiencing bullying at school or have a child that is showing abnormal behaviour such as depression, self-harm, or is considering suicide, please take it seriously. It is important to find help as soon as possible – no child should have to feel that death is a better alternative to life at such a young age… or at any age, for that matter.


Global News