Spring is a season of celebration with grad season fast approaching. You begin seriously thinking about your future and what opportunities you want to seize in your life – you might even be accepted into college or university. Between ending a monumental chapter in your life and beginning a new one, why wouldn’t you want to commemorate the milestone?

Binge Drinking is Dangerous

Several grad celebrations tend to have alcohol involved. More often than not, the alcohol is obtained by means of “bootlegging” – the process of having a legal adult purchase alcohol for someone underage. Not only is this illegal, but it encourages the unhealthy habit of binge drinking, which can become hard to quit.

According to Vancouver Coastal Health, grad season correlates with rates of binge drinking that are higher than usual with adolescents. Another source states that “One young person seeks help from the emergency department every five days on the North Shore for using alcohol.”

Binge Drinking Grad Season

Learn from a Survivor

In the sourced story, Calista Fanthorpe was used as an example. She was a victim of binge drinking for a large portion of her teenage years. Simply put, alcohol was very accessible for her – sourced from her parents or her friends. It took Calista several attempts throughout the years before she put a halt to her drinking. Several of her friends still binge drink to this day. Calista clearly states that teenagers do not have the capability to know any better when it comes to alcohol – adults and parents should not be afraid to say “no” when something is truly unacceptable.

Final Note

This goes out to the soon-to-be grads out there: We ask that you please reconsider your health, both physically and mentally, when presented with the opportunity to drink around grad season. Know that underage drinking is illegal and can result in serious consequences if caught. It is completely possible to have fun without relying on alcohol, or any other substance for that matter. Your health is so much more valuable than one night of “a good time”. If you have questions or concerns related to binge drinking, please contact us here.


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