Gabby was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, a severe skin condition that causes hair loss, when she was just 4-years-old. Due to the high price of a good quality wig, Gabby has typically worn hats or headbands without a replacement hairpiece. Gabby is now 12-years-old.


Gabby’s friend, Tyler, decided to grow his hair out with an end-goal of donating his locks to Gabby. After two years, the 10-year-old boy from Georgia traveled to Florida to meet Gabby. Gabby and Tyler took part in a photo shoot of the long-awaited haircut, which was filled with plenty of giggles. Photos with a tape measure showed that Tyler’s hair had grown to around 12 inches. Gabby personally cut Tyler’s hair.

Prior to the haircut, Tyler had frequently been mistaken as a girl. He comments, “I’m used to it now. I just want to make her (Gabby) happy.”

After the photo shoot, Gabby and Tyler went to a salon inside of the mall, where Tyler received a haircut of his choice. After 45 minutes, Tyler walked out with a fresh buzz-cut.