Burn survivor, Shalom Nchom, became the victim of bullying after being severely burned by frying oil at the age of nine.

“People would stare at me when they’d see me… they’d look at me in a nasty way. I started being very sad and so rude to people. Every single time someone would look at me, I would curse them out.”

Burn Survivor was a Victim of Bullying
Source: Huffington Post

Her family came to the United States from Nigeria in order for her and her sister, who was also affected, to have surgery. After moving to the US, Shalom explains how in middle school, she was bullied very often and how she tried to cover up with a scarf and a wig, and later contemplated suicide.

Shalom is now 20-years-old and is a beauty blogger, known as “Shalom Blac“. Her most recent video shows the comparison of her with and without make-up. She believes that “You should love yourself either way… Make-up or no make-up.”


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