During a human trafficking investigation across Canada, police have said that 32 people have been charged with 78 offenses.

Arrests Made in Human Trafficking Investigation

Over 390 officers sourced from 53 Canadian police services, along with the United States FBI engaged directly with those suspected of working in the sex trade. A majority of arrests made in what was called “Operation Northern Spotlight” happened in Ontario. It was here that 25 of the people were charged with 67 offenses.


Charges in “Operation Northern Spotlight”

The charges laid in the Canada-wide human trafficking investigation, known as “Operation Northern Spotlight”, include:

  • Trafficking in persons under 18
  • Procure sexual services under 18
  • Exercising control
  • Making child pornography
  • Distributing child pornography

Ensuring Safety of Sex Trade Victims

Rick Barnum of the Ontario Provincial Police says that, “Canada’s police leaders remain committed to fighting human trafficking through intelligence-gathering, working with our law enforcement and community partners to support victims, and continuing our enforcement efforts.”

Investigators in this case were able to ensure the safety of 16 victims who had been working in the sex trade either against their will or as a minor. This includes individuals aged 16 and under. Police highly encourage that anyone who thinks that they are a victim of human trafficking to report to them.


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