1. If it’s a prescription, it must be safe; you can’t get addicted to something your doctor prescribes.

    Prescription drug abuse is when someone takes a medication that was prescribed for someone else or takes their own prescription in a way not intended by a doctor or for a different reason – like to get high.

  2. “Natural” drugs are safer than synthetic ones.

    Marijuana, mushrooms, and other “natural” highs still alter brain functions with dangerous side effects. Even if they came from the ground doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful.

  3. The heroin era (or the crack crisis, the age of ecstasy) is over.

    Even though some drug trends seem to diminish doesn’t mean that they don’t exist anymore.

  4. If you have a high alcohol tolerance, you don’t have a drinking problem.

    If you feel nothing after several drinks, you DO have a problem. If you’re drinking a lot and not feeling anything, you need help.

  5. If you have a stable job and family life, you’re not addicted.

    It is still possible to have a career, a spouse, and kids, and still have a drug or alcohol problem. It just means you have that much more to lose.

  6. Drug addiction is a choice.

    Drug use is a choice, and prolonged uses can change your body and brain chemistry. When this happens you become dependent on whatever your system has become used to. This misuse becomes an addiction because you crave that “feel good” drug or medication and your body goes through withdrawals without it.

  7. Detox is all you need. You aren’t addicted after you finish detoxing. They can just knock you out so you can detox while you sleep.

    Detox is the first step toward recovery, however, it is difficult. “Rapid detox” programs can be deadly. Treating someone with an addiction is like treating someone with a chronic illness – it lasts a lifespan. There is no cure.

  8. If someone in recovery uses drugs or alcohol again, they’ll be right back where they were when they first quit.

    It is possible to relapse, especially if you believe that you will. But it’s also possible to realize your mistake and get back into recovery.

  9. You need to be religious in order to get sober.

    Sobriety doesn’t require you to believe in any kind of organized religion. It helps, if you believe in the good aspects of yourself – your beliefs are stronger than your daily life with drugs.

  10. Addicts are bad people.

    Addicts can be anyone. They don’t belong to a particular race or exist in a certain part of the country. They could be lawyers, doctors, mothers, or farmers who deal with drug dependence on a daily basis. Addictions don’t discriminate – and thankfully, neither does recovery.

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If you know someone who is abusing prescription medications or is in a crisis, please ask for help.
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