Your life is filled with obstacles, wrong choices, wrong people, and tough decisions. There’s only one choice you make every time because it’s the only one you have.

You have no control over your life. Bad stuff just happens to you. It finds you and you accept it. Your life is doomed and you will never get out of the muck. Your reality is you have no control.

There are things that we can control and those that we cannot. Your positive future depends on controlling what you can and figuring out which things you have to just accept. Acceptance isn’t easy, but it’s able to be done when you understand your choices in each situation.

Within your life, you always have a moment of crossroads. You are faced with a challenge and need to reflect on the situation with each of the possible endings. You can only determine how to best control the situation when you understand the consequences or outcomes of each choice.

At this crossroads, you need to make your decision by answering this question: what is the best decision for my future, NOT for right now?! If you make your decision based on your present, there isn’t always a positive future ahead.

Decide what you can control and what you need to accept. You can control your reactions, emotions, and behaviours. You cannot control the other people that may not be positive for your “future decision.”

You are able to control every situation or at least make the best choice you can when you can see all of your options. Once you are able to see how you can control a situation then you can see the positive and logical choices that help lead to your solution.

If you know that you can control a given aspect of a situation, you have more confidence in the outcome. If you cannot control a situation and rather you need to accept it, understand that you have control over yourself. That’s your little piece of control.

You can see a terrible situation in a much better light by deciding what aspects you can control. If it’s a small detail, it’s still a piece that allows you to have confidence and power over your future. Your mindset is a powerful thing. It sets the stage for what happens now and next.

When you have power over your decisions, it gives you a sense of peace. Positivity and peace will allow you to move forward with confidence. A crossroads isn’t an easy place to be at, but with the right reflection, you can be satisfied with your response and decision. Stay in control by realizing that you have it! Your positive future depends on this understanding.

Article written by Stacy Ingersoll