Kids seem to be entering dating relationships at a younger age than ever before. Unfortunately, this can put them at risk to be in an abusive relationship. It can be hard to communicate to your teen what constitutes a healthy or abusive relationship. Sit down with them and have them look over this list – they might spot some red flags in their relationship.

1: Is your partner trying to cut you off from your family and friends?

2: Do they try to make you feel like everything is your fault?

3: Have they ever abused you physically, verbally, sexually, mentally, or financially?

4: Do they try to restrict where you go?

5: Do they try to control what you say?

6: Do they try to tell you what to wear?

7: Have they ever threatened you?

8: Have they forced you to do something that you didn’t want to do?

9: Can you count more times that they’ve made you cry than smile?

10: Are they always fighting with you?

If your teen has answered yes to one or more of these ten questions, they could be in an unhealthy, abusive relationship. This relationship is concerning because the person on the receiving abuse can’t be themselves and must conform to what the abuser wants. This relationship can also lead to other issues like mental health, suicidal thoughts, or drug/alcohol abuse.

If you’re a teen who has luckily recognized these red flags, look for help from a trusted adult and get out of the relationship. If you’re the parent of the teen who is in an abusive relationship, don’t judge or place any blame on them.