Alexandria shares her story about her history about dealing with depression and insight of what she has went through and how she copes with her depression today.

Here is her story:

Like Alexandria, there are many people who suffer from depression or have anxiety without anyone ever realising it.

“Painting pictures of happiness on my face, in my actions, my expressions, my body language, so that those people closest to me wouldn’t know what I was going through.”

People suffering from depression are often afraid of how others will perceive them if they were to admit how exactly they are feeling, or even the way they might be treated differently if someone found out. Telling someone about your darkest thoughts is no easy task, parts of you doesn’t want anyone to know but the other part of you just wants someone to understand and help you work through your emotions.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, or a counselor. If you need someone to talk to about how overwhelmed you are feeling don’t conceal your emotions, as it will only get worse. If you can relate to Alexandria’s story, know that it is never too late to find help. Mental illness and depression should not be something that defines who you are.

If you need to talk to someone please see our get help section to find a help service in your region.