Everyone’s Connecting but No One Is Connected

An amazing video has been released by Armin Van Burren ft. Lauren Evans called “Alone”

Texting, tweeting, commenting, liking, sharing….all these acts make us feel so connected to one another, but have we become so connected in the digital realm that we are no longer connected on a real human level?

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Here is a task: the next time you are at a restaurant, take a moment to look around, count how many people you see either on their cell phones (texting, talking) and how many people have their cell phones right on the dinner table. I bet the number is higher than you had predicted.

We praise the digital revolution for bringing us closer together, making us more connected, engaging us with like minded souls in parts of the world that before we wouldn’t have been able to connect with. Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful benefits to be able to send a text to someone across the world without having to pay for long distance fees, and popping on social media to be inspired by quotes that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Effects on Society – Social Media

But what are the side effects of the digital era? Are the benefits of technology outweighing the negatives? How many of us actually read a book before bed any more, or do we pop on social media to read our “news” thinking we are “learning”? How many times have you been waiting in a line with someone and as soon as there’s an awkward silence you pull out your phone to make it look like you’re busy instead of actually forcing yourself to engage with that other person? Do you have friends you no longer call but only text? Is there family you only email but never hear their voice? Perhaps technology has become our escape from real human interaction.

How many times have you blocked out your surroundings because you are too engaged with your technology? Is this world of connectedness actually making us lonely?

Don’t forget about the dangers of online cyberbullying as well.

Media Effects

This is what “Alone” is suggesting. In the music video a man has a heart attack while walking across the road and no one stops because they are either too engaged with their technology to notice or simply do not care. It suggests that perhaps our engagement with our social devices is making us less caring towards our neighbours and people in our community. Perhaps we are too absorbed in our own problems, and on-line feeds that we forget about real life issues in front of our eyes. Perhaps we need to disconnect a little more and reconnect with the world around us. Perhaps we all need to care a little more.

A few lyrics from the song:

Everyone’s connected but no one is connecting
The human element has long been missing
Tell me, have you seen it?
Have you seen it.


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