Do you help support a family member that has addiction issues? You may be eligible for a tax credit. (DTC – Disability Tax Credit).

Do you help by purchasing food, hydro, or other items? You are not alone. The DTC provides greater tax equity by allowing some relief of costs that other taxpayers don’t have to face. If you are helping any family member, that family member is low income, and that family member has a chronic medical condition, you may qualify for up to 10 previous years and future. This can be more than $10,000 in the past taxes and a savings for future years.

Many people with addiction issues are not able to make it each month without family help.

That family member does not need to live with you. They can live in their own home. If they are low income and don’t pay income tax, and you are paying income tax and helping them you may qualify for a tax refund.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers family members to be siblings, parents, grandparents or grandchild, aunts, and uncles.

There are many different variables to qualify for a DTC. SOS Supportive Options & Solutions know what it takes to for successful applications. Let us help.

We make it simple and stress free. We communicate with medical professionals and CRA on your behalf. For more information check out or simply phone us for a conversation and information 250-674-2416.

Article contributed by Nellie Krombach, Disability Tax Credit Advocate, SOS Supportive Options & Solutions LTD.