Mable, a six-year-old girl from Edmonton, was transformed into Edmonton’s latest superhero: SpiderMable. In September 2013, she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia when she discovered her love of superheroes; her favourite being Spiderman.

Image from Global Edmonton

The Children’s Wish Foundation granted Mable her superhero themed wish and transformed her into SpiderMable in the early morning of September 28, 2015. She watched a newscast that alerted its audience that Andrew Ference of the Edmonton Oilers had been taken captive by the evil villain, Mysterio.

It was up to SpiderMable to save the city of Edmonton

Soon after this announcement, SpiderMable met with Spiderman and Mayor Don Iveson at City Hall, where Iveson gave her encouragement to find Mysterio. SpiderMable then arrived at police headquarters to obtain more information on the situation. The clues from police lead SpiderMable to the West Edmonton Mall to investigate a sighting of Mysterio as well as to take some superhero training at Galaxyland. The final location of SpiderMable’s adventure was the Edmonton Valley Zoo, where she rescued Andrew Ference from the evil Mysterio along with her partner, Spiderman.

SpiderMable 2
Image from Global Edmonton

SpiderMable 3
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Where did her fascination with Spiderman come from? SpiderMable says it’s because he is the most human-like of all the superheroes and he has radioactive blood; something she can relate to from the chemotherapy from the past two years.

SpiderMable 4
Image from Edmonton Sun

The Children’s Wish Foundation is a huge positive influence in the community, helping dreams come true for children living with life threatening illnesses. Thanks to them, we now have our very own crime-fighting superhero in Edmonton.

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