A Canadian organization (Fast and Female) says girls are dropping out of sports at an alarming rate by the time they are in their teens.

Photo from Fast and Female

The number one reason why this is happening is because girls do not feel socially accepted. Girls are often bullied and do not feel they belong because they are not having fun – no matter how good they are. Stats showed that girls are quitting sports in their early teens, six times the rate of boys, before the age of 14.


Canmore Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford, started the organization, Fast and Female, to empower girls and motivate them to stay active in sports. The program involves positive personal and athletic development of young female athletes to get involved in an array of sports. The program hopes that one day, all girls will have positive experiences in sports as a foundation for success in all life aspects.

fast-and-female-logoThe impact of keeping a girl active in sports is far beyond physical benefits, it’s actually tomorrow’s leaders.

The discipline that sports offer will ultimately push women to learn how to get through life’s challenges.



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