Sara Petty is a 20 year-old who decided to post body positive selfies on Twitter after seeing tweets and posts that stated that girls that weigh 200+ lbs should not wear bikinis. Along with her 16,000 followers on Twitter, Sara stands strong in order to continue encouraging people to be confident in their bodies, regardless of shape or size, and that we should not let body shamers get in the way of our happiness.

Sara Petty
Sara Petty is encouraging people to love their bodies just as they are. (Image from Sara’s Twitter)

As mentioned in the sourced article:

“I was really nervous to post the pictures because obviously, women are a little wary of disclosing their weight and I knew posting semi-revealing photos on top of that was going to open up a chance for shaming and ridicule,” Petty said. “But I figured if one woman felt more confident because of a tweet, it was worth it. I have been working out a lot recently and have lost a little bit of weight, so I was feeling very confident and #BodyPosi, so I went for it. Regardless of if you’re chubby with cellulite or toned with a six pack, your body is yours. It will always be yours, so it is so crucial to love it in all of its forms. I’ve stumbled a lot on my journey toward body positivity and confidence, but I’m here now and it feels so incredible. Every girl deserves to feel that – every girl deserves to feel like she’s absolutely beautiful.”



Eliminating Body Shaming

Sara believes that her tweet has encouraged more people to accept and love their bodies; however, she knows that body shaming still exists. No matter what gender you identify as, it is important that we support each other and empower each other in order to rid body shaming from society, and focus on more important issues that we face.