Unlocking superhuman abilities

It’s not fun to have anxiety; it can come at you in a snap or last for hours. The anxiousness can feel like it weighs you down, but sometimes anxiety can offer an upside. People who suffer from anxiety can sometimes have a heightened sense of perception!

If you have anxiety, you might have one or all of these abilities:

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1: You feel the vibe of others

When you’re around people, do you pick up on their negative or positive energy? Someone who has a negative vibe will be more awkward to be around while those who offer a positive one will be easy to surround yourself with. An average person on the street who doesn’t have anxiety can have a hard time sensing when someone is overly negative.

2: You’re more sympathetic

A person with anxiety will focus on feelings more than people who don’t have it. Because they’re more empathetic, a person with anxiety will be able to pick up on emotions better than most people. Empathy is essential in life; it can help make a difference in any one’s day.

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3. That bad feeling

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut when you feel like you’re in trouble? Because people who have anxiety are more aware of things going on around them, they tend to sense and react to dangerous situations faster than most people.

4. You know when it’s a lie

Because people with anxiety are so aware of everything going on around them and analyzing what’s happening, they can often see through lies.

Do you suffer from anxiety and find that you have any of these four traits?