oxycotin pill
Image Source: Globe and Mail

Fake OxyCotin may have killed 2 men

Authorities are investigating the deaths of two men in Saskatoon. It is believed that the victims, both in their 20’s, may have overdosed on counterfeit or fake OxyContin that contained deadly ingredients.

The victims both died one day apart from each other, and pills that resembled the synthetic drug OxyContin 80 were found during investigation. The pills, however, are believed to be counterfeit since the drug is not readily available, and that the pills the men consumed could have been lethal.

The pills were described as round convex in shape, blue/green in colour with the number 80 stamped on one side and the letters CDN on the other.

What is Oxycotin?

Genuine OxyContin is the brand name oxycodone, of a strong painkiller. It is an opioid, a synthetic preparation, that can lead to abuse and addiction.

Police were also warning people about the potential danger of such drug.

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