Earlier this year, we had discussed the #WomenNotObjects campaign, which aimed to shed light on the detrimental world of sexist advertising. Throughout history and to this day, we are constantly exposed to dehumanizing images and phrases in the media.

According to this Harvard article, some general facts about advertising include:

  • The average American sees 3000 advertisements each day;
  • They spend about two years watching television commercials;
  • Models are digitally altered to unrealistic proportions;
  • 50% of three to six year olds worry about their weight

Image from the #IStandUp video


Who do you stand up for?

#WomenNotObjects was started by Madonna Badger of Badger & Winters to initiate the conversation around sexism in advertising and now, she is pushing it further with a new video. It “connects the dots between the advertisements and the many ways they harm women.” View the latest video, titled #IStandUp, below.


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