Teaming Up For Respect

It’s tough to play sports when you feel you have something to hide. That’s why the You Can Play Project is asking us all to take a stand and encourage equality, respect and safety for all athletes. It’s time we focus on skills, talent, team spirit, ethic and enthusiasm instead of sexual orientation and race.

Watch: Alberta Zone 5 U16AA “PACK” Ringette Team supports “You Can Play”

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Locker Rooms and Sports Venues should be free from homophobia

Celebrate Diversity In Sports

The You Can Play project is encouraging schools to celebrate diversity instead of discouraging it. This includes sexual orientation, gender identity, race & ethnicity. The focus is on having everyone comfortable in their sport environment so they can bring 100% of themself to their team and sport.

The You Can Play Project encourages diverse backgrounds. It is a known fact that athletes perform better when they are their true selves and feel comfortable with their team mates and spectators.

So…are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to take a stand? Are you ready to make a change in your school or community?

Take A Stand Today!

Gay Athletes. Straight Allies. Teaming up for Respect.

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