With restrictions and lockdowns still taking place in many locations, maintaining relationships while apart from each other continues to be a challenge. When you live apart from others, it can seem daunting to keep up with friends, family, and romantic partners when you aren’t able to physically be in the same location.

Luckily, there are so many awesome virtual mediums that can help us stay connected during these tough (and unusual) times.

Here are three helpful ways to maintain your relationships virtually:

  1. A good old fashioned phone call

    When you want to talk to someone who isn’t in your household, a great option is a classic phone call. This is the best option for when you don’t need to see the other person via video, and just want to catch up.

  2. Video calls

    With so many of us becoming more and more familiar with video calling, this one should be high up on your list of ways to stay connected. With options like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, and more – there are endless ways to see your loved ones when you can’t be in the same room. Video calls are a great opportunity to get creative, like hosting a virtual dinner party!

  3. Virtual Games

    Who doesn’t love games?! Luckily, there are so many awesome virtual games that allow people to play from multiple locations. There are apps you can use for games (such as House Party), or you can use your video game console to connect with friends and family who want to join in the fun. If games aren’t your style, why not connect by watching Netflix together? Teleparty (formerly called Netflix Party) is a way to watch your favourite streaming shows with someone else who can’t be with you in person.

No matter how you stay connected these days, it’s important to maintain the important relationships in your life even though it may be more of an effort. Your loved ones will appreciate the time you put in to keep in touch until everyone can be together again.

Article by Heather Gunn