In 2011, a man named Paul Lacerte and his daughter Raven were hunting moose near the ‘Highway of Tears’ in BC. The area is unfortunately known for many Indigenous women going missing and being found murdered there. While hunting, Paul thought of the idea for the Moose Hide Campaign after realizing he needed to make sure his own daughter and other women and girls are able to live a life free of violence.

The campaign is described on their website as “…a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence towards women and children.” While they strive to focus on bettering men and boys to stand up against violence towards women, all genders are welcome to participate.

The moose hide they gathered during their initial hunting trip in 2011 was tanned and cut into small square patches, and then distributed to people who want to support their cause, which they still practice to this day. The idea is for people taking part in the campaign to wear or have the moose hide on them to show their support.

Yesterday, February 24, was the 2020 Moose Hide Campaign Day, where people joined together in BC as well as in different regions around Canada to promote the cause and show their commitment to ending violence against women and children.

Many supporters of the campaign also take part in a one-day fast, which they say signifies a love and respect for the women who are being advocated for.

The Moose Hide Campaign website gives some startling statistics about indigenous women and violence. They note that, “Indigenous women are three times more likely to experience domestic violence than non-Indigenous women, and three times more likely than non-Indigenous women to be killed by someone they know.”

Statistics such as the heartbreaking one above are why this type of campaign is extremely important. It’s a cause that all of us should support if the opportunity is available.

To learn more about Moose Hide Campaign and to see how you can pledge or donate, visit their website:

Written by: Heather Gunn