You’ve been reading about it for the past 75 days: the Canadian Federal Election. Who is going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada? Who holds the best platforms for your interests?

You might be asking yourself many questions about which candidate serves this country best and it really boils down to what kind of future you see for yourself, your family, and your lifestyle. If you haven’t kept up with the campaigning, you might feel extremely lost. Don’t worry, it’s okay – the below video gives a general idea of what each of the party’s values are. Take a quick watch! If videos aren’t your thing, we invite you to check out this very informative infographic here!

How to vote:

You should have received a voter information card in the mail. It tells you when and where to vote. If you did not get one of these, check out this link to find out where you are supposed to go to vote!

Make sure that you bring a piece of government issued I.D. that has your photo, name, and current address. Alternatively, here is a list of what you can bring.

From left: Tom Mulcair of the NDP, Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party, Elizabeth May of the Green Party, and Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party

Keep up-to-date with the results as they come in by checking in on this link.

We are very fortunate to live in a nation where the voice of the people counts, and we are able to have a say in how our country is ran. We strongly encourage that you use this right to partake in Canada’s biggest decision of the year. If you are over 18, exercise the right to vote!

The future is in your hands!