dinovo-cheriCheri DiNovo, an NDP member of the Ontario Legislature wants the practice of “conversion therapy” for minors to be banned.

This practice aims to change the sexual orientation of minors who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, transsexual or bisexual.

DiNovo is quoted saying “it really is abusive practice”

DiNovo is a critic for LGBTQ issuse, and introduced a bill at Queen’s Park this week hoping to ban the therapy for those under 18. She also is hoping it will be removed from Ontario’s health care plan so taxpayers are no longer supporting it.

“I think most Ontarians would be shocked to know we’re paying for this, never mind that it’s still going on,” DiNovo told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

“It’s time to stop this,” she said. “It really is abusive practice.”

DiNovo says that this type of practice leads to depression, and ultimately suicide. She believes it must be stopped.

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This type of practice was recently banned in California.

Alternative therapies to help people deal with anxiety they have about their bodies is what DiNovo recommends as more suitable treatment for these youth.

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