A group of women have come together to promote respect, health, self-esteem, joy, beauty, and art. They are called Divine-Mothering, and are an ally for women and girls everywhere.

Divine Mothering

Divine-Mothering has a goal of humanizing women’s bodies with an emphasis that there are all shapes and forms that should be celebrated. Women’s bodies change over time, especially through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They serve all women by providing truthful representations of women’s bodies, including the experiences that go along with them.

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Divine-Mothering’s new children’s book, “I Will Always Be Your Mother”, is aimed at being a bonding experience. It follows the transformation from growing up, to motherhood, and more. The book has powerful visuals, created by Divine-Mothering, that work towards normalizing, humanizing, and de-sexualizing the female form; predominantly, on the topic of breastfeeding and postpartum bodies. The book can be found here.

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