ALERT hashish seizure Edmonton

Photo source: CTV News

On October 1st, the largest hashish seizure in Alberta history took place in Edmonton.

30 kilograms (valued at $600,000) of hashish was found in a west end storage locker by ALERT, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response team. Along with the hashish was seized 6 pounds of marijuana and $5,000 cash.

What Is Hashish?

Hashish is a form of marijuana. It is produced by compressing the plant. The main sources of hashish are: The Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

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ALERT says it has seen an increase in hashish seizures, which it says is “mainly attributable to the proliferation of e-cigarettes.”

Craig Matthiessen,49, has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of proceeds of crime.

A crime stoppers tip lead to the investigation.

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