In June 2016, Health Minister Jane Philpott announced Health Canada’s Opioid Action Plan. This plan contains regulations on six chemicals that are used in the creation of fentanyl. These regulations are now in effect.


“… a serious and growing health crisis…”

Jane Philpott stated, “It’s very clear that there’s a serious and growing public health crisis; in fact, there are deaths virtually every single day as a result of opioid overdoses.”

“We’ve introduced a large number of measures and there’s many more to come yet, but one of them is to support law enforcement officials to be able to intervene in some of the chemicals that are used to make fentanyl.”

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Last week, RCMP announced that they had reached an agreement with China’s Ministry of Public Security to attempt to stop the importing of fentanyl into Canada. The agreement strengthens and coordinates law enforcement actions, with a goal of minimizing the flow of opioids into Canada from China.


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Lindsey Locke, Columnist for SOS Safety Magazine