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For Trisha Prabhu, being a techy nerd is kind of cool, and at SOS Safety Magazine we couldn’t agree more.

Trisha Prabhu, who has headlined on TedxTeen Talk has developed an app to stop cyberbullying before it starts.

The app has been developed to prevent cyber-bullies from sending a harmful text or tweet. The goal of the app is to prevent people from sending harmful messages and rethink their decisions.  The results are overwhelming. It has been found that 97% of users will change their mind and won’t post their original potentially hurtful message.

“ReThink is able to detect when someone tries to post something offensive on social media and then alert that person and go, ‘Whoa. Hold on. Are you really sure you want to post the message? It could be offensive,’” Prabhu told ABC News.

Trisha is passionate about stopping cyberbullying before it starts – before the damage is done.

The app is currently available for free for android and will be released for iOS in the coming weeks.  At SOS Safety Magazine, we encourage everyone, regardless of age to install this app on your mobile device and to rethink messages that could be potentially harmful.


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