If you are single and hoping to be married, or at least thinking about it, our goal is to give you hope.

Marriage doesn’t equal divorce, quitting does. You have the tools within you to find and sustain a meaningful partnership that lasts. Commitment, enrichment, and forgiveness keep a relationship going.

Meeting the Right Person

Finding a person to connect with is often a struggle for those who are single and interested in having someone to share their life with. It can be hard during normal times, but with the ongoing pandemic this has become an even harder task.

If it has been challenging to meet someone in person, one resource you can try is online dating, especially if COVID safety is a concern. There are apps available such as Bumble and Hinge, or websites such as eHarmony and Christian Mingle that can assist in your search for love.

Make sure that when embarking on online dating that you do so safely (don’t share personal details like your address) and make your intentions clear right off the bat so that you don’t match with people who don’t share your goals or values.

If you do meet someone in person during your day-to-day life, it can be beneficial to keep in contact with them through phone, text, or safe in-person dates to build the relationship. This can be another great way to make a solid, meaningful connection.

Whichever way you meet people, remember to not rush. Take your time, learn who you are compatible with, and be yourself. Have standards, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. It’s less about finding the right person and more about becoming and being the right person. Good character attracts good character. If you don’t stand up for your values, you will compromise and ultimately be exposed to values that can be damaging. Remember, commitment precedes investment. And a promise of marriage is a promise for life. When you love someone and cherish their heart, you will live out your promise for life.

Self-Acceptance as a Foundation for Love

Before you can fully love someone else, it’s important to have self-acceptance. Love is not self seeking, when we put self-first (me-first attitude) then we will not have a fruitful life. The primary reason for marriage breakdown is selfishness (self-seeking verses self-giving). If you don’t possess self-love, it’s hard to share your energy, commitment, and love with another person.

From a true love perspective, acceptance of self comes from knowing Gods love for me, and that He made me in His image (God is love) so that I can have eternal life. When I know His love first, then I can give love, and love others as I love myself.

We must remember that God accepts us flaws and all. Our problem is that we are trying to get acceptance from ourselves (and by design, this is an empty place, as we are not our own creator, or the giver and originator of love). Accepting yourself, flaws and all, is a huge step on the road to finding love.

From Wikipedia, there are four main types of love that can be found from the Greek language. These include:

  • Storge – Empathy bond (Also known as parental love)
  • Philia – Friendship bond (Or companionship bond)
  • Eros – Romantic love/Sensual love (Includes physical intimacy)
  • Agape – Unconditional “God” love, or Undeserved divine love

These four types of love can help us navigate the path of finding love and can help us strengthen our bonds, even those we have with ourselves.

Take time each day to appreciate yourself and the positive things you bring to the world. These are qualities that you will bring into any relationships you enter. Personal growth is something everyone should work on daily.

Respect & Communication

Relationships take a large amount of respect and communication to be successful. As a single person, if you think you can maintain proper respect and communication with your dating partner, then you are already on your way to manifesting the relationship you seek.

Every problem in our world, whether it’s greed, selfishness, addiction, or any other problem surrounding humanity, is because the break-down of man and woman (husband & wife). The number one creation needs to be put back in first place. When we put love back into a marriage, we put love back into the world.

Respecting your partner means respecting their wishes, boundaries, needs, and so on. Proper communication always needs to be maintained so that there is never any dishonesty or disconnect between the two of you. As a single person, build your respect and communications skills even before entering a relationship so you know how to be a solid partner.

Love is on the way for you, don’t give up hope even when times get tough. Remain solid in your values and what you’re looking for, and your match will enter your life at the perfect time.

Love brings life.  

From these articles, you can learn the greatest need of man and woman, what makes a marriage, and what breaks it. Through the UCG program by Brent Taylor, you can gain the tools to build up your relationship. Remember, there’s a design and we don’t get to debate it, we get to discover it. We don’t get to change it, we get to cherish it. The gift is in the giving, and the more we focus on ourselves first, the emptier we will be. 

This article was written in Collaboration with Brent Taylor, author of “Hiz & Herz Greatest Need & The Single Biggest Reason Why Marriages Break Down and How to Build Them Up” https://hizandherz.ca/product/hiz-herz-greatest-need-by-brent-taylor-author-direct/