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Large outdoor music festivals attract anybody who likes music and just want to have a good time. However, along with any mass gathering event, music festivals present many health-related risks, including the use of drugs and alcohol.

Why is Substance Use a Concern at Music Festivals?

Festival-goers who choose to use party drugs (like MDMA or ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, GHB, and Ketamine) are not only at risk of overdosing but also dehydration and hyperthermia. In several cases, people lose consciousness and can die.

In August 2015, a popular electronic music festival in Calgary called “Chasing Summer” had 17 people taken to hospital for substance abuse issues. 5 people were in serious condition, 11 in stable condition, and 1 person’s condition was considered potentially life-threatening.

In the summer of 2014, five adults died while many others were treated on-site or admitted to the hospital. Alcohol and drug use or both were strongly suspected as a contributing factor.

Plan Ahead and Address Drug & Alcohol-Related Problems

If you or someone you know will be attending any future music festivals, make sure to plan ahead. A lot of people will be trying to sell on all types of drugs, give away free drugs, and use lots of drugs and alcohol. You’re still out in public so it’s important to be careful no matter what kind of vibe or atmosphere the festival might have.

Refrain from trying things you haven’t done before, as it could ruin the festival and trip altogether and might result in a trip to the hospital. Remember that heat and exhaustion will make your body’s response to drugs and alcohol different. Alcohol will is also dehydrating, so make sure to drink lots of water if you choose to consume alcohol. If you drink too much you might wind up with an awful hangover and feel terrible the rest of the festival. If you’re sober, you’ll have the advantage of remembering the festival and what often occurs is a natural high.

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Sleep is hard to get but it’s important to get as much as possible even if it means missing some acts. Don’t compensate by drinking lots of caffeine either as it will also cause dehydration. You’ll feel much more energized for your favourite acts if you skip the less important ones, so scheduling your sleep time is vital.

Remember that drug-taking is a choice, even if it might be a popular thing at music festivals but you ultimately have the choice not to do it.