Child sexual abuse advocates are encouraging parents to make one crucial change when educating their children… That they teach the proper terms for their genitals. While this can be a difficult, daunting, and maybe embarrassing task, it can assist your child in the event they are sexually abused in any way.

No such thing as “too early”…

University of Alberta researcher in child sexual abuse, Peter Silverstone, comments on the matter that, “You need to be aware. If you think it’s not necessary now because your kid is two or four or six, you’re wrong. Somebody is abusing children at that age. So make your children aware.”

“To the parent who says they’re too little, I wish I could say I didn’t know of a whole, large number of children who are abused at a very, very young age.” – Peter Silverstone

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Written by Lindsey Locke, Columnist for SOS Safety Magazine