A Facebook post nearly turns deadly

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An Ohio teen was disciplined by his parents over an inappropriate Facebook post. What he did next will shock you. He doused his family’s home with gasoline and lit it on fire in an attempt to kill his parents for their disciplinary actions. It was ruled on Tuesday that he will serve nine years in prison.

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16 year old Mitchell Simon tied his parents bedroom door shut, spilled gasoline in the hallway and let the house on fire on Oct 23, 2013.

Perry Simon jumped from a second-floor window, breaking his ankle, while firefighters rescued Sharon Simon from the home.

The teen pleaded mental illness (insanity) before pleading guilty to attempted aggravated murder and aggravated arson last week.

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teen tries to murder parents

The teen was quoted saying:

“I want to say that I love them dearly and I’m sorry for getting myself in this spot,” Mitchell Simon said in court before his sentence was handed down

A therapist told the court the teen had made strides, and his parents, who do not believe he tried to kill them, wanted their son to stay out of prison.

But prosecutors weren’t so convinced. They say the murder attempt was well planned, and well in advance. Mitchell kept a journal filled with dark entries, including one detailing his plot where he sketched the family house and wrote underlined “burn parents alive”.

He was quoted saying

“My parents are judgmental, racist (expletive). “I hate my parents, they don’t understand me. If only they would stop snooping around.” He also wrote, “They need to stop controlling my life, I am not a puppet.”

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