Ahmed Mohamed is 14 year-old student from Texas who built a clock to impress his teachers, however instead of receiving praise the teen ended up in handcuffs. The teachers and principal mistook the device for a bomb and authorities arrested him for creating a “hoax bomb”. He was then taken to a juvenile detention center and was interrogated about the clock. The charges against Ahmed have since been dropped and he intends to transfer to a different school.


Image Credit: Ahmed Mohamed

The story immediately went viral on twitter with hashtag #IStandWithAhmed. People like Mark Zuckerberg, President Barack Obama, members of NASA, and other stars were sending out there invitations and supporting the teen for his creative and innovative mind.


Ahmed was overwhelmed by the support on social media especially by many of his role models. As an innovator and talented individual, he is proud of his inventions and will continue to make more in hopes to one day attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Ahmed also has advice for other teens that have talents:

 “Go for it. Don’t let people change who you are; even if there are consequences for it. I suggest you still show it to people because you need to show them your talent.”

Ahmed did not deserve the treatment he received, but tech companies invited the teen for a chance to experience opportunities beyond his wildest dreams. Imagination is not a criminal act and it takes skill and ambition to improve the world through new technological developments.

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