There’s a new horrifying trend on social media amongst teens:


What Is The Kylie Jenner Challenge?

Teens are looking to get the same full plump looking lips as the reality TV star, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. However, the outcomes of this experiment are highly dangerous and can have serious effects on young developing teens. In order to emulate the lush lips, teens are using items like shot glasses to suck the air out of the glass to create vacuum. The result is unnatural swollen lips. However, because these glasses aren’t flexible, they can easily break under pressure, causing serious injury requiring emergency care.

Warning From Doctors of the Kylie Jenner Challenge

Doctors and skin dermatologists are highly recommending that teens stay away from attempting this lip modification. The damage to your lips includes severe bruising, swelling, discoloration, and long term nerve damage. It can lead to further problems after long term usage including developing cold sores, infections, and damage to the collagen in lip tissue. Young adolescents have not finished developing either, so it can lead to disfigurement with repeated attempts.

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Body Modification Among Teens

Body modification seems to be a priority to young girls and boys in order to achieve a certain desirable appearance. Hollywood celebrities and icons are also no favour to what the ideal body image is considered to be. Having a positive body image can seem impossible when we are constantly surrounded by media; however, the way you look should not be determined by anyone else. Embrace your unique features because no one else has them. Don’t let beauty regimes or big-lip trends hinder your view on the way you look. Because the way you look is beautiful.

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