Imagine a world that gives YOU the power to make yourself happy.

Now, I’m not neglecting that sometimes mental illness (such as depression and anxiety) do need professional interference. I am a huge advocate to see a doctor and/or psychologist if you’re struggling. There is strength in admitting that you need help and then seeking it.

However, in many ways, your PERSPECTIVE is the most powerful thing you have.

It’s the part of the story that you can control.

It’s the little shift in mindset that can take a bad day and turn in into a great one.

Perspective is what can change a thunderstorm from gloomy to calming.

Perspective is what can change a long day from exhausting to a chance for opportunity.

Perspective can paint your world in colours that you can only dream of.

You just have to be willing to see the bright side and to drown out negativity.

Look at EVERYTHING as an opportunity for growth. Your broken heart, your new job, your lazy Sunday morning.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s HARD to retrain your brain to see the positive in the world, especially the dark days. It requires an active effort of you taking accountability of your own thoughts, and redirecting them when they start to see negativity.

However, the world will reward you for this. When you begin to appreciate everything around you, the world will reward you with even MORE good.

The best thing, even while you’re waiting for the little rewards for life, you will be so much happier.

How freeing is it to know that YOU have the power to change your life?

Written by Celina Dawdy