Teen using Airdrop

Air Drop – The New Sharing Tool

When we think of social media and teenage app use, we think of the usual: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. But teens have creatively come up with a new way to share information electronically that doesn’t require an app at all…it’s the airdrop function that exists on an iphone.

Newer-model Apple devices have the airdrop feature built right in. It uses WiFi and Bluetooth to allow users to transfer files of multiple kinds — videos, photos phone contacts, and even Map locations — from one iphone device to another in a close proximity. Apparently it is becoming more popular than even Instagram and Snapchat.

So what are teens “air-dropping”?

They are sharing the usual image related content, including fun selfies, memes, school notes, and more.

So why the interest in Airdrop as a social sharing tool?

What makes it better, or easier than the famous Instagram or Snapchat? Since it functions off bluetooth, you don’t require your friends username or even phone number to send images to, making it a faster more convenient way to share.

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