You more than likely clicked on this article because the headline got your attention and now you’re curious, or you feel like you could be in a toxic relationship. Whether you’re in a relationship or just getting into one, be sure to look for these warning signs of it being toxic.

They’re controlling

Often enough this trait doesn’t start off steep, but gradually over time, it heads that way. Maybe your partner made a comment about how you should dress or talk. Over time that can turn into them telling you where you can go and who you can hang out with. In a worst-case scenario, when you try to stand up for yourself they can become abusive towards you verbally or physically.

They’re always jealous

Have you found that they display jealously when it’s not needed? If you see that they are possessive and insecure about themselves, these are red flags. Trust is a huge part of the relationship. If trust is lacking, your relationship isn’t going to be a healthy one.

Encourage your partner to seek therapy to help with their self-esteem and trust issues.

They’ve gotten very angry

Have you ever seen them unable to control their anger? If you stay in the relationship, you might see other problems arise if they can’t control their emotions – and eventually, they could become violent.

Encourage them to learn effective anger management techniques.

They’ve tried to blackmail you emotionally

Have they ever said they’ll withhold being affectionate or intimacy with you when you’ve gotten into a fight or an argument? This is a big red flag. If they’re blackmailing the relationship emotionally, it’s a sign of a dysfunctional relationship.


Abuse in a relationship is never okay, whether it’s physical, emotional or sexual.

If you’re not yet in the relationship yet, these are signs that you shouldn’t enter it. Consider the help of a therapist to help with any healing you made need to do.

Your partner is struggling with substance abuse

If they’re struggling with drinking or drug use, it’s going to cause problems in any relationship.

Build some healthy boundaries and encourage them to seek out treatment to help.

When you mix any of the above on the list, it can make a relationship much harder than it already is. Keep an eye out for these red flags when you start a relationship or seek out help if you’re already in one.