It’s become too easy nowadays for people to give up on their marriage and go through with a divorce. You might be thinking you’re headed for one, and that’s why you’re reading this article.

Stop and ask yourself these questions first – you’ll see how ready you are to ask for a divorce by the end of it.

  1. Have you tried everything to save your marriage?
  2. Do you still have emotional business with your significate other?
  3. Are you ready legally to go through with a divorce? Have you done your homework, planned and prepped to seek the right legal advice?
  4. Are you ready to establish a new style of single parenting?
  5. Are you ready to co-parent, and have that relationship with your significant other?

When it comes to divorce, you should turn over every stone in your relationship before you pull the plug on it. More specifically, have you looked into the first two questions as far as you can? Have you gotten help for your marriage?

Ask yourself:

  • What was the marriage like when things were smooth sailing?
  • How long ago did it become rocky? Why?
  • Is what you two are fighting over worth ending your marriage?
  • What do you want?
  • Is it costing you anything to be in this relationship?
  • Do you want to put in the effort to work things out?
  • What are you doing that’s not making things work right now?

If you can walk away from your partner and not have any anger, frustration or feel hurt, then it’s time for a divorce.

If you’re emotionally upset, don’t rush into a rash decision. Sit down and think to yourself:

  • Am I still in love with them?
  • Am I hurt?
  • Am I confused?
  • Am I scared?
  • Am I upset?

If you answered yes to any of the last set of questions you failed the test. Then perhaps, it’s not the time to pull the plug on your marriage and make life-changing decisions, there are more stones for you to turn over.