A series of devastating events took place recently around the world. Here’s what we know:



  • 129 people were killed and dozen injured by shootings and suicide bombers
  • 6 attack sites of terror attacks on the city including a cafe, Stade de France (sports stadium), and Bataclan concert hall.


  • 43 people killed by two suicide bombers on motorcycles
  • More than 200 wounded in a predominate Shia area


  • ISIS Militant suicide bomber at a funeral of a pro-government Shia fighter
  • Killed 19 people and wounding 41
  • Baghdad has seen near-daily attacks in recent years, mainly targeting the security forces and the country’s Shiite majority.
  • Bombings killed an average of more than 90 civilians a month last year.


  • 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Kyushu coast triggering a small tsunami
  • No reports of damage or injuries


  • Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea (Category 5)
  • Thousands evacuated from beach resorts and impoverished hamlets before the hurricane touched down southwestern Mexico
  • There are no confirmed reports of storm-related fatalities or major damage.


Karuna E Parikh wrote a poem that went viral about the events that took place in recent weeks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad. Her poem urges us to think about other terror-besieged places and how they affect the rest of the world. Social media was flooded with posts about Paris with very little mention of Beirut and Baghdad.

This helps us to see the world as a whole and that we should all be working to create peace and shine light on all conflicts. Even in situations where environmental disasters occur, we are able to use the resources we so fortunately have to help those in dire need. Everyone is striving to live a healthy and happy life, therefore we should work together to help one another when it is needed.

“pray more… For a world that is falling apart in all corners and not simply the towers and cafes we find so familiar.”